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Dyes for automotive and
upholstery leather

Know-how for the benefit of our customers


Our range of dyes is as versatile as leather and fur production.

Reach Compliance


We have remained true to the standard product as the basis of our product ranges,
We pay particular attention to the special product.
Special developments

Special developments

We realize special developments of dyestuffs, which are very specific to your requirement profile.
Laboratory work

Laboratory work

Our modern equipment allows us to imitate practical applications and thus develop process techniques and optimizations specifically tailored to the customer.
Fastness analysis

Fastness analysis

We perform fastness analysis according to ISO DIN EN standard and other international testing standards.
Enviroment and Ecology

Enviroment and Ecology

Product safety and ecological aspects are the most important demands of today. Our experience and clearly defined test methods are available to support our customers.
Ecology & Responsibility

Ecology & Responsibility

We take our responsibility towards the environment seriously. Our products and their components comply with ecological standards.

Our experience for your products

Supply Program

Selected dyes for leather and fur

We maintain a corporate culture of true partnership with our customers.

Our Services

Our laboratory is equipped with modern equipment and experienced staff who develop and modify dyeing formulas, test and evaluate dyeing properties, modify products for individual customer requirements. Our dye lines are innovated to follow the demand for higher fastness properties.

Laboratory work

Samples are permanently tested in the laboratory according to the dyestuff specifications.

Fastness analysis

In our service laboratory we are equipped with the latest equipment to meet customer.

Special Development

You are looking for a special product for an application or a special shade.

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